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Teen Mom - Mean Tom EP 12"


Teen Mom is Chris Kelly, Sean Dalby, and Tom MacWright. On the DC trio's debut release Mean Tom, the band revels in the sharp contrasts that make great pop music: sombre lyrics juxtaposed with bright jangly guitars; hushed honey-sweet melodies with dark heavy slabs of distortion; manic racing drums with reserved funkified pops of bass.

The six-track EP is pressed and hand-numbered in an edition of 300 on 12" vinyl—250 in black and 50 in coke bottle clear. Jacket artwork is by the talented Saman Bemel Benrud. All pre-orders will ship on or before the November 27th release date, and come with an instantly accessible digital download.

Purchase Digitally:
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Side A
1. You and Me
2. Always Happy
3. All The Time

Side B
4. I Wanna Go Out
5. Say My Name
6. Gehry


"There's a band called Teen Mom, and they're awesome." - MTV

"Gentle but mighty pop from the District’s greatest living fuzz trio." - The Washington Post

"Clever spoonerism of an EP." - KEXP