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Lands & Peoples - Pop Guilt 12"

Image of Lands & Peoples - <i>Pop Guilt</i> 12"


Pop Guilt is pressed in an edition of 300 hand-numbered copies on 12” white vinyl. The artwork was designed by Christopher Muccioli from fellow Baltimore band, Secret Mountains. Each copy comes with an insert featuring original artwork by Baltimore's Stephen Matthew Booth and a free digital download of the record, instantly accessible upon purchase.

Purchase Digitally:
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Side A
1. Three Shots
2. I Tried
3. In Living Colour
4. Don't
5. Restless Legs

Side B
6. Sexting
7. Ukulele
8. Ghosts
9. Colleen's Wedding
10. Stiff and Crooked
11. Lullabye


"Pop Guilt wanders from catchy riffs to moody lyric-less bursts, giving members Beauregard Cole and Caleb Moore a chance to execute their unconventional melodic ideas." - Urbanite

"...experimental pop darlings from Baltimore that blend infectious hooks with layers of immersive sonics to create peaks and valleys of pure bliss." - Impose